Don McMorris don.mcmorris at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 06:13:13 EST 2008

If you're talking about Item records going to "In process", this is
normal.  The thought behind this is that when you create an item
record, the item itself isn't ready to circulate (IE: it may still
need spine labels, Mylar/Plastic covering, stamps, and other
procedures done to it).

It is common for libraries to create items in batches, taking one-step
at a time.  For example, a cataloger may "barcode" a book-truck worth
of books, then apply spine labels to the entire batch, then cover the
spine labels with a protective medium (usually a transparent adhesive
tape of some sort).  When the cataloging is all done, the now complete
items may go to circulation to be checked in, where they may fill
holds or be shelved.

So, after processing an item, simply check it in.  It should then
revert from in-process.  I think there's a way to make it default to
another status (other than "in process"), but I can't recall at the

Hope this helps!

2008/2/12 jose Masdeu <jjmasdeu at pjn.gov.ar>:
> When I add a MARC record and then "holdings Maintenance" and assign to a
> library, the record goes in "In process" state.. Im very confused about
> that.. what is the right procedure to add books? Is the MARC and Z3950 the
> only ways to add?
> Please I only need the right procedure to add books into libraries..
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