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Hi Gord,
Any luck getting unicorn records into Evergreen with holdings?
I need to revisit EG this week.
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>>> On 02/04/2008 at 9:02 PM, in message <47A76F500200004C00011E50 at behemoth.trentu.ca>, "Gord Ripley" <gripley at trentu.ca> wrote:
Hi Dan:

Thanks. That answers my original question nicely, and still leaves the door open. Who could ask for more? (for now, at any rate). This is a great list, by the way. Following the posts is like being in on the birth of the Model A or the Wright Flyer.


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>>> "Dan Scott" <denials at gmail.com> 04/02/2008 4:58:10 pm >>>
On 04/02/2008, Gord Ripley <gripley at trentu.ca> wrote:
> Hi:
> Just curious, and this is probably a silly question, but are there any plans for a port to Windows at some point?
> Gord

Hi Gord:

It's not a silly question - it has come up a number of times. First,
just to avoid any confusion, the staff client runs on Windows very
nicely. So we're only talking about the Evergreen server here :)

I would say that there are no plans by the current developers to port
the Evergreen server to Windows - not out of any anti-Windows
sentiment, but strictly out of a matter of priorities. However, as the
installation and configuration process continues to be refined, it's
not out of the realm of possibility that "the last mile" would be able
to be reached on Windows by someone motivated to get there.

Just a few days of effort by someone with autoconf / automake skills
would certainly go a long way towards that possibility, at the very
least in a Cygwin environment. At the same time, that effort would
make it easier to package, install and configure Evergreen on Linux,
as well as on *BSD, Mac OS X, OpenSolaris, PalmOS -- well, okay, maybe
not the latter so much :)

Dan Scott
Laurentian University

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