[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Gentoo VMware Image Question

Rush Austin rush.austin at buncombecounty.org
Fri Feb 8 15:23:46 EST 2008

Hello Group,


Prior to posting this I read the FAQ, the online documentation, and
browsed through the Open-ils General Archives.


I've downloaded the  1.2.0 Evergreen VMware image.


Following the instructions I can successfully start the Evergreen
related services and Apache.


ifconfig reports that my inet addr is


Here is where I get a bit fuzzy.  As I read the directions, I can point
a  browser on my host machine to <>
and "see the beautiful default Evergreen catalog interface."


I read this as open a browser outside of the VMWare environment, which
is where I get confused.  I did not think I could interact with
processes running in the VMware environment.


Thank you for your kind assistance.


Rush A.

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