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2008/2/7 jose Masdeu <jjmasdeu at pjn.gov.ar>:
>    --
>    Help me..

You'll need up update the proximity cache table.  This can be done in
one of several ways, and the easiest is probably in srfsh with the

 # request open-ils.storage open-ils.storage.actor.org_unit.refresh_proximity

If you feel more comfortable issuing an SQL statement by hand then you
can use psql, or a tool like PGAdminIII, to run the following queries:

 DELETE FROM actor.org_unit_proximity;
 INSERT INTO actor.org_unit_proximity (from_org, to_org, prox)
     SELECT  l.id, r.id, actor.org_unit_proximity(l.id,r.id) FROM FROM
actor.org_unit l, actor.org_unit r;

Please let us know if that doesn't help, or if you have any further problems.


>    When I try to plcae on Hold a book I got:
> [2008-2-7 1:58:16] open-ils.circ [ERR :7279:EX.pm:66:1202297943996326]
>    * ! EXCEPTION ! *
> Mess:
> Mess: No event defined with textcode: ACTOR_ORG_UNIT_PROXIMITY_NOT_FOUND
> Loc.: 552 OpenSRF::Application
> Loc.: /openils/lib/perl5/OpenSRF/Application.pm
> Time: Thu Feb  7 01:58:16 2008
> and the legend "Checking for possibility of hold fulfillment..." never
> ends in OPAC..
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