[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] PLA and an Evergreen Users Group, Birds of a Feather gathering?

Deb Bergeron bergeron at macalester.edu
Tue Feb 5 16:50:33 EST 2008


I'll be there too.  If we get more people, perhaps Jason would accept 
some group suggestions for conversation.  Also, being the 'social' 
person I am, perhaps some of us would like to dine together so we can 
share more information.


Karen Collier wrote:
> Sounds like a great idea.  I'll be at PLA, along with two coworkers, and we'd love to participate in something like this.
> Karen
> Karen Collier
> Public Services Librarian
> Kent County Public Library
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> Subject: [OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] PLA and an Evergreen Users Group, Birds of a Feather gathering?
> Hi folks,
> I was wondering if any of you would be interested in gathering
> together to talk about Evergreen during the Public Library
> Association's National Conference (http://www.placonference.org/) in
> March?  Most of the Evergreen developers will be there and we can
> arrange for a meeting space.  The notion is that anyone interested in
> the project (software, community, vendors, etc.) could be invited, and
> we could style it as a Birds of a Feather-type gathering, or maybe
> even the nucleus of an independent Evergreen Users Group.
> What do you think?  What sort of topics or activities would you be
> interested in?  Would you be interested in something like this at
> other times or places?  Is anyone interested in helping to organize
> this?
> Thanks!


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