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Tue Feb 5 10:23:20 EST 2008

As pointed out, this is a good question as it will certainly come up occasionally. The real solution to this is to use a more recommended platform for the product and deal with support and maintenance through a managed services contract with ESI or other independent vendor.

The majority of ILS installations in place right now work under this arrangement - in our shop, we ran our III server for years under tru64 (with very little in-house expertise) since we had a longstanding hardware + software support contract from the vendor. We eventually switched to "software only" support arrangement and now run our own Linux server with **significant savings.**  

If you move in the direction of open source, I'm certain that ESI or other support vendor could offer you a support & maintenance arrangement to meet your institution's needs (from complete hardware + OS + ILS support to "software only"). There's also the option for a hosted ILS solution too. So I'd say that many options exist for those institutions with limited support for the more recommended platforms.


George Duimovich
NRCan Library / Bibliothèque RNCan

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