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Deb Bergeron bergeron at macalester.edu
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For Koha you can find some on the LibLime site at http://liblime.com, 
but all of them will be LibLime customers.  You can also ask the Koha 
User Group lists for them to id themselves.  Those lists are at 
koha at lists.katipo.co.nz and kudos-list at ccfls.org.  Koha has a presence 
on FaceBook, you can ask all the members there as well.  Marshall 
Breeding may have a list as well.

For Evergreen, well, you've written the list.  Evergreen also has a 
presence on FaceBook.  You could ask there as well.  You can also 
contact Equinox for the libraries that are being hosted by them at 
http://esilibrary.com/esi/home.html. Again, Marshall Breeding.

Good Luck!


Ellen Fox wrote:
> Hi, folks,
> Does anyone know where I might find the most up-to-date list of
> libraries using either Koha or Evergreen?  I poked around on the
> open-ILS.org site and did some more general searching, but everything
> changes so quickly that I'm not sure I'm finding very recent
> information.
> Thanks for any guidance, and if I've missed something obvious, I
> apologize.
> Ellen Fox
> Manager, Innovations and Special Projects, BCR
> 14394 E. Evans Ave., Aurora, CO  80014
> 303-751-6277  fax: 303-751-9787


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