[OPEN-ILS-DEV] make it simple

Grant Johnson FGJohnson at upei.ca
Fri Feb 29 13:31:45 EST 2008


Dan and Mike are working towards simplification.
There was a proof of concept at code4lib early this week.(I think! - I
get dates mixed up in my head)

remove the BEGIN/COMMIT lines as there is a Date problem between SIRSI
and Postgres.

 - Peruse the list for threads.



See this note from Dan:

-------------2/23/2008 12:34 AM
Cheers, folks - take a look at the downloads page
(http://open-ils.org/downloads.php) near the bottom - "Holdings import
demonstration" - it links to a complete sample of 500 records and
scripts that I whipped together tonight. Following the instructions in
the README, you should be able to successfully import bib records and
holdings from a single set of MARC21XML records.

Many thanks to Mike Rylander for providing the help over the past year
that made this possible.

"Kardos András" <k.andris at gmail.com>

>>> On 2/29/2008 at 11:41 AM, in message
<f0d796b90802290741y287c63f8m55f9a25fe3e99aa5 at mail.gmail.com>, "Kardos
<k.andris at gmail.com> wrote:
> Cheers,
> Just wondering... Could make the import process a one-step thing? Or
> document why you need the MARC -> Evergreen BRE JSON -> Open-ILS
> ingest -> PostgreSQL SQL steps. 3 out of 4 formats are invented by
> you. That's too much. Couldn't you simply combine (package, hide,
> the scripts used in theese conversions into one? A clearly defined
> MARC variant that you culd import (including holdings, ... etc. -
> special cases) would help a lot - the one, that would import quickly
> and without pain into Evergreen. Then anyone exporting from another
> system, would simply make a converter to this (required) MARC
> if they wanted to avoid bumps along the way. Theese exporters (for
> example from an OLIB system) could become the part of the Evergreen
> package too. We would naturally share any piece of software we
> for conversion from legacy (discontinued, ...) systems.
> Importing is a critical step, when you try to convince libraries to
> try Evergreen, and eventually support it's development financially.
> This long and complicated import process is just frightening. Sorry.
> I'm a software developer. I could do it I guess, but I think it
> needs to be simplified a lot.
> I hope I don't sound to rurde.. :-)
> Thanks,
> András Kardos
> ... 

> ds
> ...

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