[OPEN-ILS-DEV] Software architecture ?

Reuben Pasquini rdp0004 at auburn.edu
Fri Feb 29 10:43:17 EST 2008


I'm installing Evergreen-ILS-,
and in the process trying to get a grip on how the software is put
The following is what I came up with so far - can someone verify if
is right, or straighten me out if it's wrong ?

*. Evergreen-OpenILs consists of several OpenSrf modules
     (separate applications that plug into an OpenSrf setup 
        to communicate with each other)
      and a shared postgres database.

*. OpenSRF is a distributed computing framework characterized by:

     o. The use of a central jabber server to manage communication
     o. WSDL/SOAP-like procedure-call mechanisms where a component
            publishes its interface with OpenSRF via an XML-spec,
            and remote-procedure call is implemented via exchange
            of XML messages via jabber.

Thanks for the help!

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