[OPEN-ILS-DEV] Another request for MARC21XML holdings sample

Grant Johnson fgjohnson at upei.ca
Sun Feb 24 18:17:22 EST 2008

Dan et al,

Almost worked for me I think.....

1 question and 1 error.

1) I assume I don't have to worry about the -startid parameter with this process. 
    As I didn't see it in the import_bibs.sh.
    Bad assumption?

2) 1 error re: a date format...

    psql:insert_holdings.sql:54: ERROR:  date/time field value out of range: "14/9/2006"
    HINT:  Perhaps you need a different "datestyle" setting.

Would this be a date setting in Postgres, the evergreen db itself or in the script settings?

Everything seemed to work until step 8.  Files created with content etc...

The challenge for me will be to create local marc21xml in the required format with no duplicates.

I think my catalog, like others - is all over the map with imported records, original cataloged records and numerous system folk importing batch records in slightly different ways.


F. Grant Johnson
  Systems Coordinator
  Robertson Library
  University of Prince Edward Island
>>> "Dan Scott" <denials at gmail.com> 02/22/08 1:00 PM >>>
Hey Nella (and Grant):

For what it's worth, I'm preparing for the pre-conference on Monday by
creating a 500-record sample of MARC21XML that we'll import into our
newly installed and configured Evergreen databases - both bib records,
and then holdings.

The holdings import will use the staging table method of import,
however, as described at
- the import_holdings.pl script is deprecated.

For the preconference, I'll write a simple script that will suck out
the holdings from the MARC21XML file, then massage them into a format
suitable for importing into the staging table. Unicorn users would be
better served by directly selecting the holdings records from their
Unicorn database, but my preconference approach will show how to do
things in a fairly generic way.

I do plan to add the Unicorn API method to the locked "Unicorn API
Repository" so that other members of the Unicorn API club will have a
more straightforward migration process.


On 22/02/2008, Nella Lall <ndlall at ucalgary.ca> wrote:
> Hello all,
>  I saw that Edward Corrado asked on Jan 31, 2008 for a sample of a
>  MARC21XML file that was used to successfully load holdings records into
>  Evergreen.  I have seen no replies to that request and now I would like
>  to add my voice to that request.  Anyone out there who has successfully
>  used a MARC21XML file and import_holdings.pl to load holdings into
>  Evergreen--please share a snippet of your MARC21XML holdings file and
>  maybe any hints on how you constructed the MARC21XML file.  (I have
>  tried to use MarcEdit so far.)
>  I know that Edward works with DRA but I work with Sirsi Unicorn data.
>  Thanks,
> Nella Lall

Dan Scott
Laurentian University

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