[OPEN-ILS-DEV] Another request for MARC21XML holdings sample

Grant Johnson fgjohnson at upei.ca
Sat Feb 23 22:20:12 EST 2008

Excellent Dan, (and Mike)...

That's a load of work. 
And a major piece.

I'll give it a try and update 
- Hopefully b4 the import exercise.


F. Grant Johnson
  Systems Coordinator
  Robertson Library
  University of Prince Edward Island
>>> "Dan Scott" <denials at gmail.com> 02/23/08 12:34 AM >>>
On 22/02/2008, Grant Johnson <FGJohnson at upei.ca> wrote:
> Thanks Dan.
>  I'm looking forward to seeing the marc21XML holdings file layout.
>  I'm not API and we run GL3.1 on Windows with the ISAM database.
>  The Export MARC Holdings report is deprecated in Workflows... Can't use it.
>  All I can do is get holdings into the 999 field.(Multiple 999's if volumes exist)

Cheers, folks - take a look at the downloads page
(http://open-ils.org/downloads.php) near the bottom - "Holdings import
demonstration" - it links to a complete sample of 500 records and
scripts that I whipped together tonight. Following the instructions in
the README, you should be able to successfully import bib records and
holdings from a single set of MARC21XML records.

Many thanks to Mike Rylander for providing the help over the past year
that made this possible.

BTW - any feedback on the demonstration package in the near future
would be greatly appreciated, as it will probably serve as the basis
for the code4lib pre-conference holdings import exercise.

Dan Scott
Laurentian University

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