[OPEN-ILS-DEV] Xulrunner segmentaiton fault

Edward Corrado corrado at tcnj.edu
Mon Feb 18 16:34:41 EST 2008

Thanks to a lot of help on IRC and elsewhere, I have Evergreen back up and running. However, I'm now having issues with the xulrunner client. The first time I log in and register a client, everything works well. However once I exit and attempt to log back in, I get a segmentation fault just after I agree to a domain mismatch with my security certificaite (localhost instead of darkstar). I was thinking of trying a new version of xulrunner (I'm using Mozilla XULRunner which appears to be the newest one for my Debian install in their repositories, but there are newer versions available from Mozillia). I've been warned against the 1.9 versions, but before I go around and reconfigure xulrunner to use the ones I install from Mozilla instead of the Debian ones, I was wondering if anyone had this issue before and if anyone has any ideas on how to fix it.

When I launch xulrunner I get a huge amount of information in my terminal, but it looks like the last few lines are the only ones relevant. If I register with the machine hostname (darkstar) instead of localhost, I get the same error on the second (and subsequent) runnings of the client with the only difference being darkstar replacing localhost. Any hints? Below is an excerpt from my terminal before the client crashes...... Edward

1203369692534   delta = 1       D_DATA_STASH
stashing session : [object Object] = {"key":"d5c89afdc1b5205ed51b9f0c8ade3269","auth":7200}

Granting UniversalXPConnect UniversalPreferencesWrite UniversalBrowserWrite UniversalPreferencesRead UniversalBrowserRead UniversalFileRead to http://localhost
/usr/lib/xulrunner/run-mozilla.sh: line 131: 16149 Segmentation fault      "$prog" ${1+"$@"}

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