[OPEN-ILS-DEV] Evergreen installation problems

Dan Scott denials at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 14:30:35 EST 2008

Hi Keith:

On 18/02/2008, Keith Kelley <keith.kelley at wmich.edu> wrote:
> Thanks to everyone's help, I was able to get through all of the
> "installation" steps for Evergreen. However, when it came time to
> start Evergreen I was not so lucky.
> >From a fresh reboot:
> wlib-210:~# /etc/init.d/ejabberd start
> Starting jabber server: ejabberd already running.
> wlib-210:~# /etc/init.d/memcached start
> Starting memcached: memcached is already running.
> memcached.
> wlib-210:~# su - opensrf
> opensrf at wlib-210:~$ osrf_ctl.sh -c /openils/conf/opensrf_core.xml
> -a start_router
> Starting OpenSRF Router
> !!!! Unable to connect router to jabber server
> wlib-210.wmlib.wmich.edu... exitiopensrf at wlib-210:~$
> I suspect the problem is somewhere in step 16 or 21 of the Debian
> installation, since in step 16 I wasn't creating any users and in 21
> I appear to be using jabber users I never created, but I don't
> really know.

The users were supposed to have been created in step 18:

Register your ejabber users for the OpenSRF router service...

> Also, I wonder if this is the correct forum for these types of
> questions. A lot of it seems to come down to documentation and
> administration rather than development. I saw there was a
> documentation e-mail list, and a general e-mail list, is there an
> admin list? Do these sorts of questions more rightly go to the
> documentation list?

We've talked about this a bit before, and the general consensus was
that it's okay to send questions like this to -dev; -general is fine,

Dan Scott
Laurentian University

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