[OPEN-ILS-DEV] What's up with object.c?

Scott McKellar mck9 at swbell.net
Mon Feb 18 10:15:41 EST 2008

object.c doesn't compile any more.  Do we need to fix it, or can we
get rid of it?

It #includes a couple of old headers from the objson directory:
object.h and json_parser.h.  However, rather than define the old
deprecated stuff, these folders simply #include more current headers
from the opensrf directory.

In these more current headers, jsonObjectNode doesn't have a member
named "next", nor does the value union in jsonObject have a member
named "c".

As a result the compiler can't compile.  It also issues a number of
warnings about implicit declarations of various functions, resulting
I believe from my campaign to turn global functions into static

In the current state of trunk, we can't build anything that depends
on object.c.  I haven't examined the other files in the objson
directory, but I suspect that some of them won't compile either.

Is it finally time to jettison this obsolete code?  Or do we need to
tinker with it just enough to keep it alive a bit longer?

Scott McKellar

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