[OPEN-ILS-DEV] Evergreen installation problems

Keith Kelley keith.kelley at wmich.edu
Fri Feb 15 13:16:50 EST 2008

 Hi John,

I installed a Debian box and it is quite a bit easier to get
farther than with a Fedora Core box. I followed the directions on:

All went reasonably well until I got to:
su -c "createlang plperl evergreen" - postgres

which responded with:
createlang: language installation failed: ERROR:  could not access
file "$libdir/plperl": No such file or directory

Now, the first time I tried, I'd installed from the DVD with the
database server and webserver options, and I noticed it installed
with postgres 7.4, so I wiped it out and tried again without those
options, but it still put the 7.4 clients on the system.

apt-get remove postgresql-client didn't remove the 7.4 clients
apt-get install postgresql-8.1 did replace the 7.4 binaries with

But now that this is my second install of 40r2 and I'm still
getting the same error I decided to stop there and ask for your
wisdom on the matter.


>>> John Schmidt <jas at xmission.com> 02/14/08 10:44 AM >>> 
On Thursday 14 February 2008, Keith Kelley wrote:
>  I'm using Redhat's Fedora Core, because we use Redhat Enterpise
> production servers. I don't really relish the idea of starting
> with an operating system I wouldn't use in production.


I would recommend that you use Debian for right now just to get
your feet wet 
and avoid the pain of trying to get all of the dependencies
yourself.  My script pulls in all of the dependencies you need plus
all of the config files to get a basic Evergreen install working. 

The evergreen install has a bunch of dependencies that need to be
appropriately.  If anything is not done correctly, you will get
errors in 
non- obvious places.  

If you would be willing to set up a test Debian box, I would be
more than 
happy to work with you to get it installed.  It is my experience
that it 
takes about 15- 20 minutes using my scripts provided you have a bit
experience with system administration.

I would be more than happy to call you and talk through any issues.
 I do not 
run RedHat.  I left the RPM world long ago when I had numerous
(x86, m68K, ppc,mips) that I maintained and needed a consistent OS.
was the only one to provide that.  The thing that I like about
Debian is the 
number of packages that are provided.  I compile well over half a
lines of c++ code every day for my day job and the last thing I
want to do is 
to futz around compiling a bunch of packages to do an install. 
Debian makes 
it easy to install evergreen by satisfying the vast majority of

You can contact me offline if you would like.

John Schmidt
jas at xmission.com

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