[OPEN-ILS-DEV] EG client login error

Mark Ellis mark.ellis at yourlibrary.ca
Wed Feb 13 16:50:21 EST 2008


I've made a little headway on this after looking at the srfsh log, but
I'm not quite there yet.

On the clients I'm getting a dialog that says "Reference Error: au is
not defined" after using the admin/open-ils login. 

The login via srfsh is apparently successful:

srfsh# login admin open-ils staff

Received Data: "473d71044596f01bc27c6fd0da6350bf"

Request Completed Successfully
Request Time in seconds: 0.084222

Received Data: {
   "desc":" ",

Request Completed Successfully
Request Time in seconds: 0.418546
Login Session: 6216a5e960be2806542e7a400629dff5.  Session timeout:

I'm not being prompted to login in the my account section of the


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On Feb 4, 2008 5:48 PM, Mark Ellis <mark.ellis at yourlibrary.ca> wrote:
> I'm attempting to login using the staff client both from the machine 
> on which the server's installed and another machine.  The server 
> status and version are coming back OK on both, but authentication is 
> failing using the default admin account.  Is what follows sufficient 
> to identify the problem?

Mark, let's see if we can narrow this down some.  Are you able to log
in with admin from the My Account section in the online catalog?   How
about from srfsh?

Srfsh is a command-line program that requires a .srfsh.xml file in your
home directory.  You can model it from this example:

Once in srfsh, try: login admin open-ils staff A good response will
include a field labeled authtoken.

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