[OPEN-ILS-DEV] changes to Debian Makefile.install

Bill Erickson erickson at esilibrary.com
Tue Feb 5 15:01:09 EST 2008

John Fink wrote:
> Hey folks,
> Installing yet again on a virgin Debian etch system.  Bill Erickson's
> otherwise completely awesome Makefile.install seems to be missing three
> postgresql-8.1 related Debian packages, so here's a diff for it.

Hi John,

Thanks for the patch.  Keep 'em comin'. :)

I think I'm going to expand on your patch a little and create some
specific sub-targets for environments where the database and/or
Apache/Jabber services live on remote machines.

'make debian_drone' will build the core set of perquisites required by
all servers.

'make debian_lead' will expand on 'make debian_drone' by adding Apache
and Ejabberd.

'make debian' will expand on 'make debian_lead' by adding Postgres and
related packages.  This would still be the default "put everything on
one machine" build target.

Sound OK?


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